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Destroyers of Evil

This forum is a continuation of the Yahoo forum of the same name at yahoo forums which is no longer workable due to Yahoo gross mismanagement. It is for general communications dealing with issues like gang-stalking, black magic, demons, personal harrassment by ETs and hybrid ETs, etc.
87 555 2018-10-16 08:30:06 by Loohan

Subtle Energy Weapons and Tools

This forum is for discussion of "orgonite" and other subtle-energy tools used for defense and offense against evil entities.
Or items used for dealing with drought, geopathic stress, blocking EMFs, etc.
45 299 Yesterday 13:40:00 by Loohan

creating with The Committee

This forum is exclusively for people who are using The Committee for programming/guidance in making resin-based devices. It is an extension of the old Arcturan, ETc. Technologies forum which we will no longer post in as Yahoo has sabotaged it.
45 508 2018-07-26 08:07:01 by Loohan

Gifting Exploits

This is for general bragging about cool busting you have done.
5 23 2018-06-20 16:30:31 by jeaux

Show and Tell

This is a place to show off your orgone creations that came out real well and you're proud of. Warning: they will most likely get critiqued by Cmdr Loohan and other deranged egomaniacs. Please avoid putting your pic on someone else's thread unless there's a reason it's appropriate.
23 115 2018-10-11 14:07:57 by jeaux

conspiracy talk

This is not for just dropping off links to articles you may have seen somewhere, that you think might be of interest.
There are already plenty of such forums on the web.
This is more for conspiracy issues you want to discuss.
Want to debate whether someone is an agent, or some group is phony?
Want to discuss principles and tactics of deceit and manipulation?
27 1,907 Today 14:55:05 by Loohan

physical health

If you want to share information about nutrition, herbology, alternative healing, fitness, etc. this is the place.
45 207 Yesterday 08:16:02 by sittingtaoist

Aspie Corner

This is for discussion of Asperger Syndrome, something many of us have (usually undiagnosed). It appears to be a (genetic?) mutation usually caused by vaccine ingredients, and often causing enhanced psychic perception. For this reason, the CIA tracks Aspies in the hopes of recruiting them if they are lowlifes, or nullifying them if they have a strong sense of ethics.
5 15 2018-10-08 10:12:39 by Loohan

Tranny Spotting

Inasmuch as contrived gender confusion is a big component of the the psyops run against the people of Earth, this is a forum for "outing" of transgender agents. It is not for picking on otherwise-ordinary people with gender issues. Try not to post about individuals who have already been publicized or outed as TG elsewhere. Do a web search first.
166 4,951 Today 17:24:57 by Loohan

Manipulated Images in Media

My blog is getting clogged with examples of CGI, photoshopping, etc. in news stories. So I think I will heretofore dump most of them here. Note that I am no expert, and merely point out some of the more deliberately-obvious glitches. Of course, others are encouraged to participate.
15 640 Yesterday 13:23:43 by Loohan


Anything that doesn't fit into the other forums.
118 441 2018-10-03 15:15:19 by jeaux

Bulletin Board suggestions or complaints

Having trouble with malfunctions of the board? Have an idea for an improvement? This forum is for discussing the bulletin board itself.
20 75 2018-06-02 19:32:00 by Loohan

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