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#1 2015-04-14 02:33:22

Registered: 2014-10-31
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orgonite without crystals, some more infos

This is for newbyes.
It is well spread that orgonite is based on metals, polyester/epoxy resin and quartz.
Loohan is one of the few people around that writes about the fact that resin can hold programs (if programmed while curing it) and doing so it is the best way to have a good 'weapon'.
But today I found out another confirmation, from the ethericwarriors forum, that quartz is not essential. But a good plus to add.

http://www.ethericwarriors.com/forum/qu … aders/4669

People who have the sensitivity and insight to combine gems and other elements in orgonite may find this notion (that crystals are not essential in basic orgonite) hard to accept but Carol assures me that orgonite still transmutes bad energy to good energy without a crystal content and Nora's initial observations confirmed it in the beginning.

I would like to add that to me, it is good to put some 'high vibs' orgonite under the mold while pouring, so to have orgonite with more high bovis. And that will help imho to have more vibrant new orgonite, or at least to have the same bovis of the orgonite put under the mold.


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