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#1 2014-11-13 11:12:16

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messages between users

The forum platform does not have the function of messages between users, or private messages.
But it is possible to receive and send emails between users.

To enable that option go to your profile, under privacy, you can select one of these:

  • Display your email address.

  • Hide your email address but allow form email.

  • Hide your email address and disallow form email.

Default is: "Hide your email address and disallow form email."

If you want to be able to receive a message from another user, we suggest you to select "Hide your email address but allow form email."
In this way, an user will be able to send you an email, using the forum form, but your email address will not be visible until you will answer to the email.

When you send a message through this form, your email address will be visible to that user you writed.


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