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#1 2016-06-04 16:59:50

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From: Seattle
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Media with which to grow by

TV, video games, music or book. I've been waiting to make this thread for a while. To hold it off any longer would be to derail collective evolution. This is something I really must share with you all.

The human heart is plenty strong with its own devices and windows, though I feel there are ways we can jumpstart our leaps to higher plateaus. For 90% of my breakthroughs, music has always been a consistent factor. It was always playing as they developed. Many of my "offensive maneuvers," or "extradimensional schematics of action" one could say, are inspired by various forms of media. Whether they were fashioned by genuine humans or ultimate sleaze, I was able to gain value and resources for development from them.


To start, I'm going to spotlight the most important series I've seen thus far, in terms of the scale of development for my mind, energy and spirit. It's an anime (Japanese animation) called Gurren Lagann, currently available on Netflix in its entirely. Though it comes in English and Japanese, I must recommend you use Japanese with English subtitles. Though the English voicing is sufficient, most of us are familiar with it, and in these exaggerated, dynamic situations it will tend to sound a little silly. I feel it's much more immersive to hear it in its native Japanese, if only to make it easier for you to cease judging the show based on the realism of its voice acting. It's a small detail, but it's worth mentioning.


Just a warning, yes, it does involve pilotable robots. Just understand that this is purely a mechanism to showcase greater-than-human performance and growth. I used to be fairly biased against this Japanese robot craze, but in this case, it's a perfect framework with which to gauge our own energetic growth and potential. After all, what is orgone but an energy-based tool or exoskeleton, designed for greater functioning and ability? Our only limitations are those we currently believe to be true.

To sum it up in a few sentences, Gurren Lagann showcases the humble intro of humans forced to live underneath the surface of the Earth. With the simple law that "everyone dies on the Surface," or that there is simply no way to prosper anywhere than here in the dirt, our heroes start their journey. Within the very first episode, you see two scrappy individuals overcome overwhelming odds, with the final result being their propulsion beyond the Surface, into a reality thus far totally unrealized. The myths were true: if you're a human and you're on the Surface, you have to do your damned best to simply stay alive. With the power of the Spiral, or conscious-based energetic evolution, no outcome is off limits to these protagonists.

(This is the most dangerous aspect of humanity, and the main reason why we are suppressed so thoroughly)

To realize that it's impossible to sum this up in a few sentences, and to add on many more, the series continually places the heroes verses impossible odds, where there is no sensible chances of them surviving. Opponents that appear endless or unreachable, or simply to be too utterly colossal to make a dent in; these are the only predictable constant. No matter the situational appearance or odds, they succeed by pushing themselves past the limit they previously believed to be the absolute ceiling. It's a constant besting of previous bests. To the point where you see them battling entities as massive as a galaxy, in dimensions further advanced than we could possibly conceive off the bat. To surmise, there's no way I could prepare you for the scope of these encounters through typed word alone. It is simply unable to do anything but overstep your most wild expectations. The last couple episodes feature developments so vast and speedy, the sheer scope of it is enough to bend any supposedly ironclad sense of reality.


I find this to be a useful practice for when you find yourself oppressed by some unceasing oppression. Say you have some negativity that is unrelenting and keeps you from sleep. Or you're at work during the day, and there's an energetic malaise that is too tireless to push back. Too consistent and masterful to eliminate it completely. In those situations, I use the themes present in this series to push myself beyond typical functioning or belief systems. I use it push myself beyond previous bests, to drive my countering assault right into the heart of the oppression, and to utterly eliminate every speck of resistance.

I could talk it up all I'd like, but for you to truly see where I'm coming from, you'll have to watch it yourselves. If you would like to see a more in depth walkthrough of the spiritual themes of Gurren Lagann, I recommend reading through this article: http://esotericanime.blogspot.com/2011/ … agann.html


If you would prefer me to outline all the spiritual and energetic advantages offered by this series, feel free to let me know. The more enthusiasm I see, the more inclined I am to write the article faster, and offer in the blog section of my website.

You want to watch it, right? Of course you do. This is the #1 medium I've seen thus far to prove most valuable in taking advantage of the energetic landscape. Par none. If you have Netflix, it ought to be accessible in your country. If not...

Torrent link: https://kat.cr/ac-gurren-lagann-complet … 19405.html

A safe, lightweight application to use to download this torrent link: http://deluge-torrent.org/

If your media player will not play these .mkv media files, download the free and lightweight app VLC Player here: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-windows.html

Please understand, I'm entirely serious. There are a few episodes within the first season that serve as "filler," that is, silly episodes so as to appease typical anime consumers who enjoy particular fanservice. That is, excessive female accentuation and typical Japanese silliness. However it's worth it to say that these episodes are short-lived, and beyond these the series is primarily focused on the incredible capability of humanity to evolve and overcome.

Without this series, I heavily doubt I would have come this far. I doubt I would have survived certain battles, where survival seemed utterly bleak and out of reach. Those who realize these same predicaments on a frequent pacing? WATCH THIS SERIES. Watch it all. I promise you, you will find yourself far more capable by the end. I absolutely guarantee it. If you find yourself apprehensive, I'm telling you, give it up. You can make the time to download and schedule the entire 27 episode series into your weekly to-do list. Even if it takes a month, please, give it a watch. Persevere to at least the middle of the series. If you truly cannot stand it by then, I will allow your retreat. Just know, the best aspects of this series show itself near the end (where all the mind-bending advancements occur), though I value all the steps of growth and evolution along the way. It wouldn't mean as much if you didn't see all it took to get there, much as it us with us and our struggles.

Also, skip the 4th episode. It had a director who, in my opinion, sucks, and it makes the whole series look bad. No bueno.

I'll give you guys a month to give this a watch. By July 4th, I'll share how I'm able to use the themes present in this series to accomplish many goals. To punish targets, eliminate those who choose to continually war against you, and to push yourselves beyond your limits. Until then, I trust in your capability to assimilate these lessons and accomplish these prerogatives yourselves. Anyone with the innate desire to push him or herself beyond the expected threshold, you will find that aspiration very much tangible and within reach by giving my recommendation a chance.

In the near future I'll make a list of music that I find continually and dependably useful.

For now, this would be a great place for everyone to share their favorite form of media for their own personal evolution, or personal tool for peak performance. Bal and I have discussed a couple animes already (Dragonball Z, Naruto, etc); it's time we made this a public utility. Be it music, movie or book, speak up and let us know what has helped you reach your most intimately important checkpoints in this progress to your absolute self, so to speak. You know what I mean.

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#2 2016-06-08 19:16:48

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From: Seattle
Registered: 2014-11-14
Posts: 186

Re: Media with which to grow by

Also, quick edit for Gurren Lagann post... skip the 4th episode. I rewatched the series to double check my convictions. Yep, still golden. Still, I must insist on passing this episode up. It had a director who did a bad job and went in a different direction of the main series. Other than that, you're good.


Now I thought I'd share an album that I find to be inspirational in terms of the political and worldly situation. About who's really in control, how it affects someone who's aware, how they get caught up in the system, conditioned to participate... and then how this individual breaks free of that paradigm, how they bring about revolution. Or, equally as likely, the death of the entire world. That is, if this individual continues to live a life directed by others' strings.


I'm talking about Drones, the last album from experimental UK rock group Muse. Last we checked they were all still ensouled; so rare for a chart-topping band. As in, obscenely rare. Worth taking a look at.

Lyrics + songs/videos with artwork: http://genius.com/albums/Muse/Drones
Youtube playlist: https://youtu.be/Yf3nBidB-mU?list=PLZqs … i1q1UKxCHY
If you desire to take it with you, torrent link: https://kat.cr/muse-drones-2015-320-kbp … 40164.html

Muse has had these messages before, starting in their album Black Holes and Revelations.

This latest musical venture starts out with an individual becoming disenfranchised with his love, who he was once infatuated with but now sees to be "Dead Inside". As a result, he becomes distraught and vulnerable. This is but one of the many paths people take to arrive at a state of ultimate despair and malleability. This is taken advantage of in the second song, Psycho, where he's picked out to be a trained killer, a pawn that will do whatever it's told. A cog in the military industrial complex.

One of my favorites is the next track, Mercy, which is simply a man aware of the circumstances that be is being openly woeful. He really spits the truth here in how it feels to be one man against an oppressive society, engineered to be that way from the start, and in so many directions. I find it has a cleansing aspect to it, like I'm confessing and accepting parts of me I can't otherwise access alone. I've never seen a song better illuminate how good it can feel to earnestly "plead" for something, and in such a righteous, courageous manner. It's like a step in the process of grieving in acoustic form. You have to fully illuminate how cruelly stacked it all is, and be vulnerable in the sheer scope of it all, at least once. If you truly desire to feel the honest, hard-hitting realization of everything as it stands. And this song will take you there.

Fifth song on the track list, Reapers, is essentially what it's like being thrust upon that battlefield so expertly manufactured by various factions of the underworld. You, the grunt, realize that you're expendable, and you're on a battlefield that is truly unlike any before.

"War, war just moved up a gear
I don't think I can handle the truth
I'm just a pawn
And we're all expendable
Electronically erased
By your

Drones (killed by)
Drones (killed by)

You kill by remote control
And the world is on your side
You've got reapers and hawks babe
Now I am radicalized

You rule with lies and deceit
And the world is on your side
You've got the CIA baby
All you've done is brutalize"

Doesn't get more honest and straightforward than that, folks.

The following song, "The Handler", is essentially and up close and personal take on the relationship between someone who suffers from mind control and the one who controls it. That is to say, the Handler. Rare to see that in popular music. I imagine it could be helpful for anyone suffering MPD to hear, for the individual in the song breaks free and vows to never full under this spell again. A helpful notion.

The next two, JFK and Defector, go together. The first is John F. Kennedy describing, I believe, the Communist threat, though upon hearing it it sounds eerily similar to the NWO agenda and modus operandi. The next, Defector, is the individual fully breaking free of this entire parasitic architecture, and he essentially goes on a rant, decrying all the fallacies and sickliness of the former owners of his reality. It's quite empowering, I have to say, and I felt much elation upon first hearing it. This is one goo reason to not skip around the album, looking for a few standout tracks. In order to appreciate this track to its fullest, you have to see all the turmoil and humiliation the individual had to trudge through to get here. How many times he was a tool; how many times he was used and manipulated.

I may be making this album seem a little whiny or preachy. And Muse has definitely done that before, and pushed the preaching a little far (as in their album The Resistance). Let me assure you, this is their best balance between their impressive musicality and the message they wish to share. It flows more naturally, and is part of an overarching, album-length story, which I far prefer to trying to share an entire political message within the scope of a single song. I don't find that happening often here. Though it does happen a little, like in the next song.

This song, Revolt I won't go much into, because I only find it okay. In a nutshell, it's about like-minded people who have freed themselves from the current Structure coming together and wondering, what can we do about all this? Simple. Revolt. I do appreciate its mention of understanding others who have trudged along the same path as you, and that unique and very much ought after "coming together."

The next song I like even less, so much so that I can't even recall the name. Muse is famous for having some good love songs, those of intimacy or betrayal or some other real focused heart-centric ideal. I think this is them addressing that expectation, the result being this airy track about not being alone again, finding someone to trust and confide in. Hailing from a System where you couldn't trust anybody. The underlying idea is nice and comforting, but I just don't find it very listenable as a musical piece.

The last two begin to pick up in quality.

First we have The Globalist, which brings us to a different viewpoint in this struggle. Now we're with the people in charge of this whole fiasco. Those pulling all the strings, and in possession of all the Earth's major artillery. It's revealed that these people are themselves the puppets that were picked up and trained in the beginning of the album. Though humbling, it does nothing to to stop them from doing what they were programmed to do. As a result, the world is ended, and now no countries exist as a result. All culture and civilization is abolished, with only scraps remaining. This is the mourning of the puppets at the end of it all. The culmination of their final goal. What does it result in? A world far reduced. Who has lost far too much for a paltry cause.

The last track, upon first hearing it, I believe I cried. If not on the first listen, then the listen I did right after the first had ended. After this, I looked up the lyrics to see what I might have been missing, and that made it all the more sad. It's a brutally accurate conversation between Justice (or, perhaps better worded, Self-Awareness) and every single citizen in a country that isn't doing their utmost to cease the operation of military drone strikes as the norm. There's nothing too poetic about it. Very straightforward and to the point.

"Killed by drones
My mother, my father
My sister and my brother
My son and my daughter

Killed by drones
Our lives between your fingers
Can you feel anything?
Are you dead inside?
Now you can kill from the safety of your home with drones"

Though the lyrics are simple, the way it's sung is what will truly haunt you. You haven't heard many songs like this one, I promise you.

To sum up, if you at all suffer under the current Paradigm, you'll find elation and solace with this album. A further motivation to keep pushing forward, through seemingly never-ending filth and deception. And a surprisingly earnest portrayal of just how dark the inner workings of our world are, with no punches pulled. If you can find a better example, I'd be impressed to see it.

It's like a refreshing slap in the face. You're not alone in your perceptions. The millions of others that adore Muse, they might do it for the same reasons you may now. Or maybe they just like the rockin' guitar solos. Still, if you can find another fan of this album, you're almost guaranteed to have yourselves a good and, rarely experienced, earnest conversation.

Additionally, the emotional tempo these songs can whip up? I've found it very useful to energetically charge the driving force used for extra-dimensional assault, be it to defend my own well-being and comfort, or simply an assault against the faceless, formless malevolence we toil against day in and day out. I consider it a dependable inspirational tome, set to a well-made musical medium. Much akin to a collection of songs for troops to sing as they march into battle against insurmountable odds. There's a reason so many factions of war over the ages have used song to inspire their troops: because it works. If you wish to stand your ground whilst being fully aware of the futility of your surroundings, and do so with a maximum sense of "Righteousness" for the sake of unadulterated humanity... this is a dependable tool for that purpose.

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#3 2016-06-09 15:55:02

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Re: Media with which to grow by

Great, thank you Jeaux! Very interesting topic and synchronicity; just yesterday I've heard this song, and felt what you're talking about, very boosting and had impression of ensouled vibe

...and also came to idea to start a new topic about music, because I can lately only listen to music which give me that boost or, so there are few more bands I'd like to check....

...but you've came ahead of me by the broader concept smile

I'm musician and that's what I also give into my music, especially if I have good synergy in the band.

I'm mostly in alternative/instrumental music...video clip of one of my bands from 2 years ago, low budget guerilla production

2 months ago live:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXkWPW_ … e=youtu.be


#4 2016-06-13 19:27:44

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Re: Media with which to grow by

I meant to post this a while ago, but... wow, those are some awesome tunes! To be honest you guys have a little Muse streak in your playing, I really enjoy it.

Any way I could get ahold of some more? I can see this ending up on my playlist.

Also, I agree, Uprising is a great song.


#5 2016-08-11 02:40:08

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Re: Media with which to grow by

I would be very careful concerning torrenting popular anime, those are most likely to be picked up by your ISP to be an unauthorized download, they read the filenames of stuff that goes through them, potentially even through VPNs. Try using Tribler for torrenting stuff, it functions like an onion router but for torrents. Don't use Tor with a torrent client, ucp is not tcp. Joining a Private Tracker is pretty much out of the equation for most people. Torrenting obscure anime series or music or whatever is less likely to get a letter from your ISP, assuming you are in a bad country under the Trans Pacific Partnership or just in an anti piracy nation. I use MPV over VLC which to me is bloatware.

I like listening to music tuned to the Verdi tuning/Sauveur pitch, it soothes rock music and mysticize techno, though I usually avoid music with lyrics. On WIndows, I used to use Foobar2000 for music, but I'm not on a Windows machine anymore ever since it had rejected my legitimate install of WIndows 7 Ultimate as mere pirated junk.

Finding ensouled media is one thing, but finding ensouled media to grow by is another different level among the ocean of Aristotelian philosophy that corrupts intellectual growth. I haven't really found much that I like except for Godzilla movies made in Japan. Though in about half of the movies, Godzilla plays the bad guy, in other movies, he's the good guy just misunderstood as the bad guy until he dukes it out with an enemy. I watch cartoons and read some manga, but half of it is to be culturally aware of it but another is to mock at how stupid it is, which unfortunally is the reason why I still watch cartoons with dark humor.

I will say this, the onlly movie that made me cry is Vaxxed.


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