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#1 2016-07-12 15:33:18

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Spiritual Dimensions Ayahuasca Healing


The main "shaman" piece of excrement, Javier Arevalo Shahuano,  is not TG or repty, but he's involved in the TGing and molesting of Indians.

This is Jessica Ramirez Seopa.

Jessica is Javier's partner and after a long and hard training, has recently reached the stage of complete shaman in her own right. She brings feminine energy to the ceremonies and beautifully accompanies Javier in the singing of the 'icaros'.

Gag! Feminine energy indeed.

Everyone in this pic is also cross-dressed, except for the man which i think is Javier. The short-haired kids are girls, and the long-haired kid and "women" are male. The kids are sexually abused.


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