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#1 2016-11-03 22:26:56

Registered: 2014-10-31
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Dowsing with pendulum, some important notes. ESP cards.

I have come to read a book about clairvoyance. There is a chapter about dowsing that surprised me with new informations.
I always used the pendulum with only one hand, they says to put the palm of the other hand under the pendulum, and start to move the pendulum foward and backward, telling the question and waiting for the answer.
Well, this surprised me. I got much better results.
Then more complicated stuff. Guessing cards with the pendulum, I tried in the past without results... but this time.... almost 100% accuracy.....!!!!!
The only occasions that I was wrong I felt it, like some kind of distraction or other strange feeling, but I was having demons around me so...

They says to just mentally connect to your superconscious, not subconscious. Then ask 'is this card X ?' I only get positive results, never negatives.
This means that if the card guessed is wrong, the pendulum do continue foward and backward. If positive it goes clockwise. Always with the other hand under the pendulum, palm facing up.
Then they says that you should try with your not dominant hand to access the superconscius. I tried it but seemed much more difficult and I got only one reaction, surprisingly counterclockwise and card guessed.

I would say everyone has to try. I've read various time on the net about dowsing, books etc, but this is the 1st time for me about using the other hand under the pendulum, and it does make an HUGE difference.

I also feel the energy flowing when the guess is right.
But after 4 times doing the deck, well I felt so exhausted that I had to stop. Seems this superconscious uses a lot of energies.
Also I started to guess the card at 1st time, like I felt psychometrically which was. Big improvement, isnt'? ehehhe

Let me know! I have used ESP cards printed at home, with a deck that has double times each card.
Simpler :-)


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