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#1 2017-01-20 19:34:37

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Jewelry and passive protection pieces now available at Aetheric

Hey all, how's life? Programmed orgonite has made life incredible. I carry it around everywhere until my hands are sweaty and cramped.

I've dragged my feet on it, but I now finally have a couple options available for wearable orgonite (or as I call it, Aether).

Some of them are demoed on my latest blog: http://aetheric.org/jewelry-shop-sneak-peek/

Since you guys are just the crowd I would want to have this stuff, I'd give you a great deal on the pendants. The wire-wrapped spheres are on hold for a little while until I can secure some more of the wire accessories. I got them in Mexico so I'll have to track down a new source up here.

What's more, there's a few programs (Nov 2016 and an as of yet unmentioned one) that do REALLY well as jewelry. I think many of you would really enjoy them. I can make a custom program for you as well, if you'd like. I have a knack for it.

In case you don't feel like clicking links today, here's a couple pictures.




If you guys would like something else made, a particular shape, I'll give it a shot. For this forum exclusively, I'll sell the pendants off for $5 each with no wire, and $7 with copper wire wrapping so they're necklace-ready. Time to learn how to wire wrap...

Since they're very flat I might be able to ship them for as low as $4, though that would mean very little padding. If it breaks during transit I could just refund you, but hey, it sure beats $26 shipping to Europe!

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