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#1 2017-01-27 08:36:30

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the hazards of PROLONGED SITTING

There has been so much internet buzz on this in the last couple years that hopefully most of you are aware of this by now...

I personally messed myself up like this decades ago. Who knew? that sitting ruined your hips, psoas, etc.

Standing for Mental Clarity and Physical Health
http://fitness.mercola.com/sites/fitnes … ealth.aspx

I do not have a standing desk, nor have i watched these vids. I do sit while at the computer, but i stand up every few minutes to stretch and do some horse stance or squats. If i'm watching a video i might spend most of the time on my feet.

And it doesn't matter how much exercise you get, if you also sit for long periods. My back problems got really bad in the '80s when i was doing brutal tree trimming work about 20 hours a week. I was also sitting on my butt for hours at the Church of Scientology. My lower back got tighter and tighter despite getting a lot of chiropractic care ($$$).
Then in the early 90s i went to college. I would sometime have my lower back go way out so that i was incapacitated for days. Once my hips were a couple inches to the left of the rest of me, and i could barely crawl. Missed a week of classes and it took a long time to be able to walk without a cane again. I was 37.

And it wasn't like i was unaware my hips were too tight. I was taking tai chi classes and the instructor said i need to get into my hips more. Yet i was already largely focused on that, but just could not do it.

Over the years i tried all sorts of ways to loosen the tight, underdeveloped muscles on the sides of my hips. I got acupuncture, and also repeatedly needled those spots myself. I stretched and pounded those muscles. Did moxhibustion. Liniments. I laid on my side with an object under the muscle to deeply massage it.
All this helped a little, but in my ignorance i continued to sit for long periods, so made only some progress. Only maybe 3 years ago did i learn that sitting is what caused my problems.
Even now, those same muscles are still too tight, and will cramp up some in certain positions. One thing that helps is doing simple Tae Kwon Do style outside crescent kicks. In the past year or so i have been working on it. I could barely do a puny, painful semblance of that kick. Now it is still wimpy, but i do have a fair range of motion.
There are also other exercises. Mercola had an article on them recently.
Also if i drive a long distance, i try to stop occasionally to stretch, squat, etc.


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