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#1 2017-03-31 10:53:40

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free energy from crystals by Marcel Vogel

I am studying a lot Marcel Vogel and I found this
  As a dramatic example of the capability of these crystals to convert energy,  Marcel once created a circuit with one of his Vogel-cut® instruments as a “power source”.  He told me in conversation that:

“I have made electricity with the crystal…up to 75 volts. Using a crystal like this (a Vogel-cut®).  It’s an induced voltage…a direct current voltage.  I put the crystal in the middle of a box ( a hexagonal mahogany box) and then I made a coil of copper wire and then silver-tin wire wrapped 250 times.  I had another coil on the outside made of nickel wire.  There were primary and secondary wires that came out to a voltmeter.  I drew my breath in and pulsed the breath and out came voltage from the crystal.  I tried this with an uncut crystal as well, but it didn’t work.  I have the equipment in my lab to make greater voltage, but I haven’t gone into this.  There is so much else to do and those who saw me do this became very disturbed.”5

   Marcel went on to tell me that he did this also with a light bulb in the place of the voltmeter and was able to cause the bulb to illuminate.

from here
http://www.vogelcrystals.net/legacy_of_ … telligence

now if this stuff is related to the breath, well, it is not 'free' energy. but maybe using some other sources to stimulate the xtal...

that xtal do cost 400$ at minimum so it is not easy now to try but... if someone already has it.... nickel,silver-tin and copper wires....

I guess this is really free energy obscured.


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