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#1 2017-07-19 13:24:47

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iodine supplementation dangerous?

This is from a CIA website, and quotes a lot of repty agency studies, but the author seems sincere:
Iodine: Fuel to the Fire in Hashimoto’s
http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/iodine … ashimoto-s

Caveats for Iodine Supplementation

Based on a review of the literature, the only people who should be supplementing with iodine are those with lab-validated iodine deficiency...

Now for my personal experience:
In 1988 i was poisoned by NSAlizard satanists with something that dowses as containing sodium fluoride. Also from 1981-1989 i was drinking a lot of fluoridated water in Austin. I was told that fluoride evaporates in 24 hours, so for years i let my filtered (filter supposedly took out 40% of the fluoride) water stand for a day.
Actually, the fluoride is not volatile and so i was drinking lots of it doing tree work in hot weather etc.
Also in the same era i was eating LOTS of soy at times.
I believe all this caused iodine-deficiency health problems, including thyroid deficiency.
About 8 years ago my parents "treated" me to a checkup by a very competent MD. He said i had sub-clinical hypothyroidism.
I had at times been eating seaweed, but my belief is that it does not contain that much iodine.

Also i had suffered from an exaggerated sensitivity to cold weather, and cold feet.

A few years ago i started supplementing with potassium iodide solution, generally rubbing a bit onto my navel area before bed. Which i still do a few times a week. My impression is that this was good. My health is now, at age 63, more robust than ever. I can walk barefoot in melting snow for a while without discomfort, whereas in 1990 my toes would freeze under the same conditions if i was wearing boots and thick cotton socks.
I never get particularly cold feet anymore. I have put on a bit of muscle mass, and generally feel like i'm 23 when i'm not being hammered by evil beings.

However i also have an intuition not to always do the iodine.


#2 2017-09-04 02:38:16

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Re: iodine supplementation dangerous?


All the symptoms you describe are exactly what I have... I have been suffering with thyroid issues for a while now....
years ago i would take kelp and it helped for sometime. I did take iodine .. but never could  be consistent..

Fluoride and soya cause thyroid issues and a myriad of other ailments

I swing from hypo to hyper .... I also have thyroid eyes (bulging eyes. this usually occurs with hyperthyroidism.  But i am more hypo thy than hyper thy.
Anyway ... just wanted to know if you made your own .. potassium iodide solution... and if you do ..would you let me know how to do it?

I am taking right now Diatomaceous Earth... I have not felt  very different since I just started ...but I have seen a lightening of the age spots on my face.

I have hopes that it will  help my thyroid  issues and the bone spurs I have in my neck. I do feel more energetic since taking it and my eyes feel more relaxed ... I don't how to explain how  that feels... maybe it will help with the bulging  of my eyes. There is always a tension in my eyes... to a point I just want to close them and never open them. 

Anyway will update you how the DE works for me ...it will take time to  notice anything... and as soon as I do I will let you know.

Oh and I have been reading up on rosemary tea ... seems like the benefits are promising.


#3 2017-09-07 08:04:17

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Re: iodine supplementation dangerous?

Dr. Sircus is the great authority on iodine:
http://drsircus.com/iodine/sources-and- … to-rescue/


#4 2017-09-17 08:40:09

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Re: iodine supplementation dangerous?


Thank You for the link .....will check it out.


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