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#1 2017-08-20 03:33:12

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From: Seattle
Registered: 2014-11-14
Posts: 186

Solar Eclipse HCs

I've decided to make hardware cloths (HCs for short) for the upcoming eclipse.

I felt there was a good amount of energetic potential for this event. To take advantage of this, I endeavored to create a piece that would entirely reverse the flow of energy that would be otherwise ushered in, all of it almost assuredly negative in origin. What with the Charlottesville event, all this talk of civil war a week before the eclipse... certainly seems like particular powers wish the energy of this country to be as nasty as possible for this occurrence. Who knows what other rituals and deeds are being done behind closed doors to further influence it.

I desired to turn negative amassment on its head, turn it inside out, have it implode, fall over itself, and replace the collapsed structure with a positive vibration foundation. I wanted these actions to happen simultaneously, and instantly, so as to be a "sneaky and complete reversal" when the time comes. I came up with this basic geometry, which I then cut and shaped as I would a typical HC.


This piece I decided to take with me to work, so I could walk home with it and note its effects. I noticed it was capable of negating any negative energies or assaults on me almost instantaneously, draining it of all heft, reducing its spin and vibration to zero. To be honest, it made the walk rather boring, but I imagine it would suit someone tired of relentless harassment.

If there's anyone who finds this to be their situation, I could custom cut a HC for you that can stave off 95% of your abuse. For this seems to be the percentage of effectiveness for myself. Send me an email if you feel this would be useful for you, describe your situation, and I'll give you an estimate. Expect it to be smaller in size. This one is large because I feel it ought to be, given the scenario it was engineered for.

Here's another piece I made with the remaining hardware cloth. Loohan has noted that it is anti-demon in nature.


Keeping this piece next to my bed rendered the night entirely peaceful, after the last two nights had been rather active. I was surprised.

I hope to spread pieces like these among a small group of capable individuals. I feel they can have vast reach, with only a little focus and intent.

When this eclipse occurs on Monday, if you're not doing anything else to affect this energetic event, try and tune in to these pieces. I'll make sure they're well utilized when the eclipse occurs. Give the pictures a good look, and rest your heart upon their geometries. They'll be quite active that day, and working to keep the resultant effects of this event in our favor. Your attention may help them to be even further effective. It might steer you clear of any eclipse ickiness that may result, as well. Drain it of all its heft.

I'd advise everyone who reads this to raise your energy as high as you can Monday, to the furthest extent of your range, and further still. This day, more so than most days, ensures your energetic intentions count many times more than they normally would. On this day, every vote counts exponentially, and will have an genuine, palpable effect.

Be generous, and pool your intentions. Stake your claim. You might feel a little exposed, but don't sweat it. This tech has got your back.

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#2 2017-08-21 20:39:48

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From: Seattle
Registered: 2014-11-14
Posts: 186

Re: Solar Eclipse HCs

Well. The event happened. Wasn't all that potent as it occurred. Nothing Earth shattering. But better safe than sorry, right?

During its duration, I held the main eclipse HC (the first one) and attempted to gather within it the confused and perpetually angered hearts of all the folks in the U.S.. By this action I hoped to give them "therapy" or "processing" that would best help them transition through this period unscathed and, why not, more improved than before.

More capable of spotting truth from disinfo. More in touch with themselves. More aware of their power.

I couldn't say if that worked or not. But I felt extra psychic and connected while doing so. Which was nice. The piece was quite tranquil to hold, and I stood with it looking like a goon in my parking lot for a solid 20 minutes. It was difficult to step away from.

While I performed this prayer, the HC seemed to charge with "something," like it was storing and processing something of some nature. While this feeling has diminished slightly, the piece still feels more active after having basked in the eclipse.

I'll continue to try and address this overly dramatic country as best I can. I did all I could, given the timing.

Hopefully some of you chime in with a little intention or prayer, to keep this movement of energy going.

To correct the path intended for us, and to protect those who wake up.

For now I'll see just what else these pieces can do, and I'll share my findings in the main hardware cloth thread.

Was a fun experiment, at the very least.

If anyone desired a better shot of this particular HC, here are some close-ups.




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