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#1 2015-01-11 08:43:32

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strategic gifting around traget sites

I am looking for advice and tips, on how i can maximize the effect and coverage when gifting a target site, be it listening post, airfield or oil refinery, (to mention but a few). When gifting some recent targets i have had the opportunity to place a number of power puks, underground at the base of boreholes some above and some within the water table. To complement this subterranean gifting i have placed (or more accurately scattered) power puks on the ground around the sites, adjacent to structures that look like they are knocking out bad vibes and DOR energy fields.
I am limited by only being able to place passive devices in and around these locations.   
Any advice on the optimum omm when creating the puks, and secondly on placement patterns or quantity of puks placed. I know it's a bit vague and that every target has it's own site specific requirements, but any advice on enhancing the results would be much appreciated.


#2 2015-01-11 18:44:29

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Re: strategic gifting around traget sites


#3 2015-01-26 20:18:56

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Re: strategic gifting around traget sites

They like making intersecting grids.. So do the same! It's what happened in SLC. Lot of bodies of water. I never bother with tossing anything on dry land.. Too much risk in it being removed. And water is an amplifier, and once you dip your orgonite toes in the water you won't take them out. Ham radio, cell towers, etc broadcast better and further when next to water. Orgonite with an intentional program to broadcast works the same way. The water table idea sounds like a good idea. But basically if you drive 20 miles out to gift water around the area(ponds, creeks, rivers, swamps, reservoirs..), it will have a broad range. And might be best to gift all waterways within your perimeter. Miles.. Yep. Water. Only way to gift for maximum efficiency of your dollars spent on supplies. Water loves orgonite. Orgonite loves water.

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