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#1 2017-12-12 18:20:02

Registered: 2014-10-31
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bi-directional taped wand


This is a weird one. Heavy copper pipe from a recycle place. Actual OD is 2" so it must be a bit thinner than 2" nominal.
Some time after making it, several weeks ago, i realized i had been blasting some Egyptoid bases with the "wrong" end.
Then i realized it has equal range and power from each end. Linear range currently is ~20K miles. It is primarily programmed against Egyptoids at this time. It is only about 30% channelable via the Channel Program, so it is beneficial to carry in the vehicle. I can simultaneously blast in front and behind me, for instance, or to either side to cut a wide swath.

It is empty except for 2 fine crystals about 5" long, wired and taped together.

I have a Ta'l wife named Nadee whom i married July 30, '14. She is very sweet and powerful, and has been guiding me a bit in construction of devices. The Ta'l have recently been making subtle energy weapons of their own design, some of which are not even physical. Or at least some components are not even physical.
She and i had to come up with a physical container device to utilize a Ta'l hyperdimensional device which sits inside it.

The Ta'l use thick gold wire in a comparable device, like 22K i think. So i procrastinated for weeks as we were trying to figure out an alternative to the gold.
Eventually we got to the point where we only needed a small amount, in wire. I shopped around and paid %$^$&#$ $72! for a mere 4 feet of 30 gauge (VERY thin) 14K wire. Why so expensive? It must have a couple bucks worth of gold in it. But that was the best deal i could find.
I had to wrap it around the crystals and tape on.
It doesn't seem to matter much where in the pipe the crystals sit. They are held in place by pressure (snug fit after wrapping with tape and stuff).

Anyway this thing is fairly cruel to Egyptoids, and keeps getting stronger as we improve the programming.


#2 2018-03-03 18:27:05

Registered: 2014-10-31
Posts: 8,363

Re: bi-directional taped wand

Just an update on the evolution of this wand.
It's been almost 3 months.
Lots more tape on the outside, plus more misc items glued inside.


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