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#1 2017-12-18 11:37:58

Registered: 2014-10-31
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2 arrays Dec 2017


On the left, a new black box containing
- a slab of taped white quartz which Eenia programmed with Vril stuff
- my little taped Iron Embalmment Program Luke coil
- 2 potentiometers
- a weird Antuvozy coil i made a couple years or more ago.
- a fair bit of empty space for future embellishments.

i initially drilled 2 potentiometer holes, having momentarily forgotten that the plastic on these cases is too thick for most electronic fixtures. Then i just silicone-glued them to the inside. They seldom need tweaking, anyway.

The quartzite units are over a decade old:
and have just been reprogrammed by 2 exotic new members of The Committee.

On the right, my white box which i posted about in blog on July 31, '17, but it has been modified a bunch since then.

All this stuff is blasting Egyptoids.


#2 2017-12-19 02:56:43

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From: Seattle
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Re: 2 arrays Dec 2017

Wow, feels like I'm in Mission Control in a Death Star, or something along those lines. Real sophisticated stuff.

I'm especially drawn to the tall quartzite pieces. They remind me a little of radio antennas, but stockier, more fortified. Can they be taped, or wire wrapped? Won't look so pretty, but it feels like it might boost their "reception". Maybe. They're already real strong.

Looking forward to what becomes of that black box. This bodes well for all those Channel pieces of yours I've scattered about. Sweet!


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