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Re: misc hoax-actor trannies and pseudo-trannies:

Army veteran, 29, 'used a butter knife, his TEETH and his bare hands to decapitate his mother after a fight over credit cards'

    Terrelle Johnson charged with first-degree murder in gruesome killing of his mother, 51-year-old Sherry Johnson in Mississippi 
    Deputies performing a welfare check found Sherry's headless body in a Stone County backyard, 15 feet away from her head
    Before the grisly find was made, Terrelle had told his relative his mother had gone on a cruise
    Under questioning, Terrelle said he beat up his mother, choked her and then decapitated her after a heated dispute over credit cards 
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article … ruise.html
Live CIA MTF repticlone hooker. More pix of him including the requisite cleavage in article.


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