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#1 2017-03-23 11:43:35

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Mandela effect - Parallel Universes -


I have been looking into this phenomanan for a little while now on some changes that may be occuring, seems that we are going through some changes as a planet..and I am having a hard time putting my finger on it.  Are we starting to experience more quantum factors like the "double split experiment" that can be seen on youtube that things actually can change based on observiation.

Now that I am observing things more and aware of this phenomonan it seems as if I am changing things not in my old world but in different parrellel universes that I am traveling through however i am still in a universe that operates like the old on with minor changes from time to time.

Hard for me to explain, but I am noticing some glitches as people talk about in the matrix but i don't think that they are glitches at all it is just us starting to realize how everything works without even really knowing it. 

I know that this may not make any sense but I think the mandela effect changes are trying to tell us something ...take this on for instance

Forrest Gump "life is like a bunch of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get".  That is what I remember, h0wever it is really "life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

life is like a box of chocalates and now maybe we have transended and it is no longer life as we remebered it to be so now was is a way of the cosmos to tell us that we are no longer tied into the way phsyics and space and time used to be that now its not a box of chocolates it is whatever you wnat it to be as observiced .....hard for me to explain

Any thoughts on any of this ?


#2 2017-03-23 12:20:44

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Re: Mandela effect - Parallel Universes -

here is another thought that i just had need to write it down before i forget.

i think this is how it works on the parrellel universes that is happening some people are not going to see it and others will example take mr x .....mr x believes everythign that he has been taught the education system his christianity or any other religous upbringing and everything that the media throws at him, he is only observing what he has been taught so he will not get into any other parrelllel dimensions by himself if the system want to shift him into a difffernt universe they can and what will happen is a change subtle like with the mandella effect and when he sees the difference like forrest gump he just goes on about life as if he just did not remember it right and everythign stays as status quo.  This mr x  guy is trapped in the hive mind a drone being manipulated by the evil sobs that want to controll him so what will happen is that he will get modified into a human robot or cyborg.... then there is mr z like me and you and many other people that our waking up able to travel to different parrelllel universes based on observation and mind power now can we manipulate it well not now because the vail has not lifted but it is starting to come up so in the future you will have people that transend int there higher level of consinous and they will become free and saved while the other ones lke mr x will just stay here on earth and be belevolant cyborgs

please feel free to comment on your thoughts on this, and if you want to call me crazy or whatever i will not be offended .

i need to write this all down aas it comes to me otherwise i will forget and it is a really big piece of the puzzle that i have been terying to put together for yearesf


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